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More about us! After running a karaoke DJ business for over ten years we have a pretty good idea of what people want to sing. But when the song slips are piled high and the singers queue is 25 deep, there isn’t always a lot of time to help someone find a song they want to sing.  Song books are great but a singer usually needs to have an idea or two of the types of music or artists they’re looking for – and that’s assuming they can find an available song book to begin with.

And that’s what sparked the idea for this website…  Most people will have a smart phone with them so why not direct an undecided singer to an online resource where they can find a selection of the top karaoke songs in just a few clicks.

Find the top karaoke songs for many genres right here and even use the links to each song to preview the artists’ original version.  Not every song is here but the most popular songs from our experience will usually be found on these pages somewhere.  You’ll be on your way to karaoke stardom in no time!  And if you think there’s a song missing, please leave a comment!

Keep in mind this is subjective and your music taste is different then everyone else but if there’s a great song missing your feedback is certainly appreciated.  Rock on karaoke all-stars!

See our top karaoke song selections here…

Top Karaoke Songs 1 – 15

Top Karaoke Songs 16 – 30

Top Karaoke Songs 31 – 45

Top Country Karaoke Songs

Top Oldies Karaoke Songs

Top Pop Karaoke Songs


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